What equipment do I use ?

Update January 2019

I have access to any equipment you may need.  Each job is custom made.

Pictured above is the Legendary HOG 1000 console.

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Picture above shows Horace Tickler , house lighting technician at the Trocadero, in George St  Sydney , in an amazing history photo shot in the mid 1960's checking a very early SCR dimmer rack system. The "troc" as it was known was demolished in 1970.  The Mid 1960's was the introduction of the very first serious electronic dimmer systems.  Horace Tickler was one of the very early pioneers of this technology having been involved in the USA in radar development during the second world war. He came to Sydney Australia to live in 1949 and before he died in 1971 was an inspiration to anyone who met him. Gone, but not forgotten.

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