More Pictures ( Updated January 2019)

This Early History Photo ( ABOVE ) was taken in the early 1900's at Marsfield in NSW.

It shows the Ladies Float in the first ever Performing Artists Parade held in Sydney NSW. The parade was conducted

down George St in the city. Unfortunately we only have the above picture of the float as it was prepared at Marsfield and do not have any pictures of the actual parade itself.


In the early 1950's the lighting crew ( ABOVE ) are about to head out for the job.

This amazing history photo has been taken in 1952 outside the Bright White Light company at Epping in NSW. They were the early pioneers.

The Pioneers of Lighting ( ABOVE ) - the four guys from the Bright White Light company in Epping NSW. Left to right are Bob Jackson, Nigel Dogson, Sam ( "blinder" ) Folkstone and Max James. Picture taken in 1952.

Picture ABOVE shows the original ( 1904 ) ladies committee for the Performing Artists Association of N.S.W.

These ladies were the first to recognise the real need for Lighting of Stage Performers. They tried to include Technical People

in the awards, with no success ( at that time - very early 1900's ). LATER these technical people would be included.

Lighting was (early on) not considered a big thing.


Here we are in 1970.

Victoria Ave Chatswood NSW with the Sotweed Factor Band.

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